Frequently asked questions

How do i recognize Fungal nails?

Please find all the information on fungal nails, it’s symptoms and the treatment here.

How long do you need to use Fungalix Forte

The first results can be seen after 6 to 12 weeks. Advise is to spray the toes and surrounding skin twice a day.
Depending on the kind of fungal infection and how bad the nail is infected the time line is between 5 and 12 months. A toenail needs an average time of 12 months to complete renew.

How many applications per bottle of Fungalix Forte?

A bottle of 30ml Fungalix Forte contains treatment for 4 weeks.

How many sprays should i use per foot?

One to two sprays a foot are enough to reach all nails and the surrounding skin.

What makes Fungalix Forte differtent to other nail fungus treatments?

 A lot of products lower the PH level in the nail. This makes the environment less attractive for a fungus to survive in.

Fungalix Forte works with a high PH but also with a fungus killing component. That is also why Fungalix Forte is a patented formula.

Is Fungalix Forte a medical device?

Fungalix Forte is a medical device Class I.

Can i apply nail lacquer when using Fungalix Forte?

Yes, you can apply nail lacquer. Do keep in mind that nail lacquer is bad for the progess of the treatment. This because the nail lacquer will be infected with fungus. Also nail lacquer does not react very well to Fungalix Forte and will come off easier. 
Advise: If you necessarily want to apply nail lacquer; apply in the morning and remove in the evening.

Can i apply Fungalix Forte while having artificial nails such as Gel?

Yes, you can apply Fungalix Forte while having artificial nails. Fungalix Forte works both on the skin as on the nailbed which makes the treatment still possible. Do keep in mind that you will have to visit your technician when the artificial nails start to come off.

When the artificial nails are starting to come off, they allow water to enter between the artificial product and the nailbed. This could only enhance the growth of the Fungus and you should take immediate action to get a new fresh set of artificial nails.